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Issued by the UK Intellectual Property Office


A number of companies are sending unsolicited mail to applicants for, and owners of, intellectual property rights e.g. trade marks, patents and designs. These invite the recipient to sign and return a document and pay a fee for a particular service.

Many of our customers have told us that they thought the mails came from an official source and thought they had to use, and pay for, the services offered. Examples of the types of services being offered are described below. You should be aware that these companies are not linked to any Government or Community Institution and there is no obligation to pay the fee.

If you receive such a letter or invoice, check carefully to see exactly what service you are being offered, whether you want it and if it comes from an official source. If you are in any doubt, please contact your legal representative or alternatively call us on 0300 300 2000.

Or, you can alert Trading Standards. You can find where your local office is at:

Unsolicited Renewal Reminders

The only office that issues an official reminder for renewal of a UK IP right is the Intellectual Property Office.

Entries in unofficial publications or registers

Owners of UK patents, designs and trade marks are being invited to apply for entry in various publications and "registers". There is no obligation to pay them, or appear in these registers or publications.

Unsolicited Community Trade Mark filing assistance

Other businesses are writing to applicants of UK trade marks offering to file a Community Trade Mark application based on the data present in the UK trade mark application. There is no obligation to file a Community Trade Mark.

The Intellectual Property Office values all of our customers so we hope that you find the above information useful.

Craske & Co.
is registered to practice before the Community Trade Marks Office OHIM. Our fees include normal disbursements.

Last updated: 21 March 2013