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Special Interest Articles

We have prepared these articles on topics of general interest in the field of IP law and practice.  Some are intended to explore particular areas of the law in greater depth whilst others are primarily intended to provoke thought and discussion.

Please note that these pages present the personal views of the author. They are not intended to provide a definitive statement of the law, nor do they necessarily represent the views of the profession as a whole. 

  - unsolicited offers of services 30 January 2008
  - london agreement 3 February 2008
  - right of prior use 30 April 2008
  - trade mark examination 30 June 2008
  - what are patents for? 30 November 2008
  - claiming use of an object 12 June 2009
  - design registration in usa 30 August 2009
  - trade marks and business names 20 August 2010

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