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Case Histories

Here are just a few of our cases, which we hope will give you a flavour of our work.

TIP: Click on the publication numbers to download a full copy of the patent specification. (This may not be supported in all browsers.)


Solo Speed ClampOur client is a plumber and DIY enthusiast. He developed the clamp on the mastic gun principle for quick, one-handed application and release.

We licensed the patent to a mastic gun manufacturer and the Solo Speed Clamp is now sold in many DIY outlets.

This was the first clamp to achieve true one-handed use, and although people have devised different mechanisms to get round the patent this is by far the best.

WATER COOLERSWaterTrail unit

Our client is a major European manufacturer of water coolers and dehumidifiers.  In 1992 we patented the highly successful WaterTrail assembly, which enables the entire water path from bottle to dispensing valve to be replaced for hygiene purposes. EP0581491A1.  

P2000 cooler We also registered the name WaterTrail as a trade mark.

We have patented numerous other advances in the field of water coolers and dehumidifiers.  The external appearance of many of these items have also been protected by registered designs.

Eddy tabletop coolerThe Eddy cooler (right) is a kitchen water cooler which uses standard 5 litre bottles obtainable from most supermarkets.  

We have obtained patents for various aspects of the Eddy cooler, EP1118582A2, and the shape is a registered design.

Our client also manufactures water coolers for other companies such as Nestle.  The P2000 cooler (left) has a distinctive triangular shape when viewed from above. 

The shape of the P2000 cooler and the water bottles intended for use with the cooler are protected by registered designs.  The cooler is patented in many countries throughout the world. EP1241127A1.


Footwear markOur client was a retired scene of crime officer with Devon and Cornwall police. He invented a computerised system which allows police forces to identify criminals by means of their footwear. The system maps the co-ordinates of unique identifying features in the sole resulting from damage, wear or manufacturing defects, enabling imprints to be quickly and accurately retrieved from storage and correlated to a high level of accuracy. Patents have been granted in the United States and Europe.

We also patented a later development of the system which uses unique polygons for rapid recovery of imprint records.

Read how we successfully defended the patent against opposition in the European Patent Office by clicking here or in the navigation bar below.


Alicia sub

The Alicia panoramic submarine is an advanced underwater vehicle which was developed in Plymouth for an American businessman.  The bow of the vessel incorporates a patented transparent viewing area.


BioflowOur client is a leading European manufacturer of magnetic therapy bracelets and personal lifestyle products.

Brand identity is very important to our clients business and we have registered many of their trade marks throughout the world.

We have also patented a number of significant innovations, including Central Reverse Polarity which is unique to the Bioflow magnotherapy bracelets.


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