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Devon, UKCraske & Co. is an established intellectual property practice based in South West England. We have clients across the UK from Falmouth to London and as far north as county Durham.

We offer specialist advice and registration services to business, particularly manufacturing industry, in the three main areas of:

Patents - Trade Marks - Registered Designs

We have local rate phone and fax numbers allowing all UK clients to contact us for the cost of a local phone call.

We were one of the first patent practices in the UK (possibly even the first) to set up a web site providing information for our clients.

In addition to our day-to-day mechanical engineering work we also focus on inventions in the field of electronics. Please follow the "about us" link above to read about some of our achievements.

Due to our long-term policy of maintaining low operating overheads our business clients benefit from a flexible fee structure based on a low hourly rate.

Individuals with a new idea are invited to follow the "inventors" link on the left.


Following the national restrictions introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic we have changed our mailing address. Please check that you have our current contact details.


Patent and trade mark owners are increasingly being targeted by companies posing as official bodies. A typical scam suggests that a registration must be renewed urgently at a cost vastly in excess of the official fees, and often well before the renewal is due. Others offer to provide international registrations which are actually worthless.


Download an official warning from the UK Intellectual Property Office.

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